Universal Credit 2020 Online Course

Course level : Foundation – You gain a broad knowledge of basic principles of Universal Credit housing payments.

Suitable for : Anybody working with tenants in receipt of Universal Credit housing payments.

Course format : Online – You must have access to a pc or tablet and internet connection.

Duration : 4-6 hours depending upon your existing knowledge.

Lesson types : Text, videos and quizzes.

Course access : Access 24/7 for 120 days.


Individuals : £99:00 (incl VAT)

Group bookings : Discounts are available for organisations making group bookings. Contact us using the enquiry form below or call on 01698 424 301 (phone line open 9am-5pm Mon-Fri).


Most tenants in receipt of benefits are claiming Universal Credit. This benefit includes payments to your tenant for their housing costs.

We have developed the course to help you maximise your rental revenues and provide effective tenant support.

Key Course Content

This online course covers:

  • Tenant/household eligibility for Universal Credit housing payments.
  • How the benefit cap reduces tenant entitlement.
  • How the Universal Credit application process works.
  • Information required from the landlord.
  • Obligations on tenants and how non-compliance can lead to deductions.
  • How levels of housing payment are assessed.
  • When first and ongoing payments are made.
  • How changes in tenant circumstances lead to variations in housing payments.
  • Managing non-payment of the housing payment by the tenant to the landlord.
  • Eligibility of landlords for direct payments.
  • How the appeal process works for landlord.

Key Training Outcomes

At the end of the course you will be understand the following:

  • Responsibilities of both landlord and tenants under the Universal Credit system.
  • Key principles, advantages and risks of the Universal Credit system.
  • Eligibility of applicants or tenants for Universal Credit.
  • How to find out the maximum allowances for housing payments for applicants and tenant.
  • How the application process works.
  • How, to whom and when housing payments are made.
  • What changes in a tenant’s circumstances affect the level of housing payments.
  • The process for requesting direct payments.
  • How to challenge decisions made by DWP.

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